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Dr Monique Olivier

MoniqueOlivierPTDr Monique Olivier Homoeopath and Bio-puncturist

M.Tech.Hom, BA(UND)

Pr 0421294 RegA10442

She qualified from Durban Institute of Technology in 2005 with a Master’s Degree in Homoeopathy. Monique has been in private practise since 2007 and has been involved in alternative health care since 2003.

She considers herself primarily a family health practitioner and has an interest in children’s health and fertility.

She lives on a farm in Hammarsdale with her husband and 2 daughters, surrounded by horses and rolling fields.

“I live an extraordinary life and I am extraordinarily blessed to be able to help those that need me”

Lisa Jane Fowler

LisaJanePTLisa Jane Fowler Guidance & Counselling

B.Ed.(ECD), B.Ed.Hons, M.Ed. UNISA

HPCSA Reg PS 0136859,  PR No. 0860030702404

Beryl Johnson

BeryJohnsonPT1Beryl Johnson. Beryl completed her General Nurses training in now, Zimbabwe, at Andrew Fleming Hospital in 1978 and her Midwifery training in Durban, South Africa at Addington Hospital in 1979.

"I have been around the block and found the modality in the nursing field which brings me incredible job satisfaction – the area of Wound Care Management."

Beryl worked in a specialised Wound Clinic, in a hospital, for 6 years before going into private practice in 2008 and regularly attends Wound Care and Tissue Viability Forums.

She has a certificate for Advanced Wound Care Management from Hertfordshire University UK. Beryl has been practising Wound Care in Westville Durban since 2008.

This field of nursing is hugely rewarding as it incorporates the science of wound care with compassion.
"I am incredibly blessed to be doing what I love to do"

Currently registered with:

SANC, South African Nursing Council
SPNP, - Society of Private Nurse Practitioners
WHASA, – Wound Healing Association of South Africa
DENOSA, - Democratic Nurses Association of South Africa


Dr Yomika Venketsamy

Yomika1Dr Yomika Venketsamy (MTech: Chiropractic) graduated in 2007 with a Master Degree in Chiropractic from the Durban University of Technology. She has gained much experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain syndromes and focuses on patient education on chiropractic and their overall wellness. Treatment involves the use of various pain alleviation techniques and spinal manipulative therapy.

Yomika's advice is to "keep working out - being outside and taking in more sun during the daylight hours helps keep your mind sharp and relieves depression as well as increasing your body’s manufacturing of vitamin D, which is vital for strong bones."

Yomika can be contacted/Whatsapped on 072 211 3936 or by email at

She can also be followed on Twitter: dr_yomzthose that need me”



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